(Platte Valley Youth Center – Greeley)

PVYC’s Mission Statement is to "promote offender accountability to victims and communities, and build skills and competencies of youth to become responsible citizens." The average age is 13 – 17.
We have partnered with PVYC to help make this mission a success by introducing the students to love and acceptance as well as the hope we have when we commit our lives to Jesus Christ.
God has given us favor at PVYC. We currently provide services on Sundays and Bible Studies each Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.We average 19-20 students per event.

Here are some comments from the girls’ Bible Study:

* Thank you so much for coming here on your own time and teaching us about the Word of God. You are all amazing.
* Thank you for taking time out of your own life to come and teach us the Word of God.
* You are a true blessing to Platte Valley and me. I have never felt so close to God as I do now. Thank you.
* Thanks for coming to teach us about God, it really helps me a lot and it helps me get closer to God.
* Thank you for caring about us girls and for coming all this way to teach us about the Lord.
* Thanks for coming; we need all the support we can get in here. You guys are amazing. God Bless you.
Please Consider joining the team that the youth need to get off to a better start.
Please Contact Penni at 303-682-9593.